Take Photos on Your Phone like a Pro with These Easy Photography Tips

Camera phones are almost everyone’s best friend especially for those who love using social media like Instagram. Taking photos on your phone makes it easy to capture and share your moments with friends, relatives and everyone in your circle. However, if you’re aiming for more engagement in your posts, taking good photos is one of the key in achieving it. Here’s how you can make the most of your camera phone and take photos like a pro.

Clean Up

Before shooting any scene or subject, start first by cleaning the lens of your phone. A clean lens takes clearer and sharper images. Use a soft material when wiping your phone’s camera lenses to avoid scratches later on.

Rule of Thirds

One of the secrets on how to take good Instagram photos is composition. Adding a little framing when taking photos makes it look more arranged and appealing to the viewers. Applying the rule of thirds is the perfect way to do this. Activate the grid lines on your camera’s settings to set the elements at places that they should be. When using this technique, the interesting elements are usually placed at the grid’s intersections to make it more interesting to look at.

Avoid Using Zoom

There are times that are really tempting to use the zoom feature in your phone’s camera. However, it is best to avoid it no matter how much you want a certain element to look bigger on your photo. Zooming only reduces the quality and resolution of the photo making it look blurry or grainy. It will only give you a not-so-good shot of a scene or subject you want to take.

Find a Good Light Source

Almost all phone cameras have flash feature that provides light source especially when taking photos in darker areas. However, it doesn’t look as flattering compared to photos taken under a consistent light source. Before taking pictures, find a good light source first to brighten up the scene. It can be natural sunlight from a window, soft waning sunlight, candlelight, and many more. You may also use flashlight from another phone and place it somewhere so it looks diffused and more consistent than focusing it on the subject like a spotlight.

Be Steady

A steady hand is an important factor when taking photos on your phone. However, sometimes even the slightest movements can’t be avoided especially when you tap the button to take the shot. Pocket tripods come in handy during these times. They are portable, lightweight and can even fit in a bag. You can even experiment with a lot of techniques when using a tripod. They work well with any kind of smartphone, making them your perfect buddy when it comes to phone photography.

By following these picture taking tips on your phone, you can definitely have professional-looking photos worthy to be shared online. Make the most of your phone camera by stepping up your photography skills to match it well.  

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