The Various Types of International Standards Certifications

With the introduction of international standards brought forward by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), goods and services have become more consumer-centric and responsible, as opposed to the previous decades when products were mainly made with the intention of increasing profits of a particular producer. What makes these international standards all the more interesting and useful in the modern world, is that it is as diverse as the number of goods and services out there. In other words, however diversified the business is, there is still a standard that the business has to follow, if it was to gain the certification. Here are just some of the diverse standards that are quite common;

Quality Management Systems

Considered to be one of the more common standards that many a company often strives for, in order to establish itself in the global market, the standards for Quality Management Systems (QMS), often called ISO 9001, has become one of the primary certifications companies strive for. Such a certification allows the company to be known as responsible and efficient company in its management of the production processes. Such a certification can easily be seen on the packaging of well-known brands to showcase its superior processes of managing their business.

Environmental Management Systems

Another common feature that almost goes hand in hand with ISO 9001 is the Environmental Management Systems, or ISO 14001. This certification is given to companies that portray business practices and production processes that are environmentally responsible. In other words, the businesses that adhere to the standards are businesses that are responsible in their actions and are considerate about the fragile environment we live in. Many products, such as cosmetics from established brands often showcase this certification on their product to portray their business character.

Information systems

One of the more new standards that have been introduced is the standards regarding information systems. Often called ISO 27000, these standards make sure that certain software is developed with security and easy usage in mind. Due to the ever changing nature of information technology in the present day and age, an ISO 27001 audit is something that occurs, so as to comply with the changes that take place in the information systems. Due to the lack of tangibility, assuring quality can be an awful lot trickier than your regular products you would normally consider.

Food safety

With the increase in Fast Moving Consumer Goods production (FMCG production) that often includes food production, standards in packaging have to be followed, as food is considered to be highly perishable items. ISO 22000 is one of the major standards that are implemented internationally, so as to maintain healthy products that can be consumed in an easy manner.

Standards have become a major element that influences consumers to purchases certain goods and services, and has come a long way, as the International Standards Organisation continues to be the guardian of these standards. You now know what to look for when purchasing quality products.

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